American Made: Our Name, Our Practice

Expertly crafted, ethically sourced, and consciously designed for the highest performance and ultimate comfort, our products have roots all over America.  

The Cotton Product: Geographical Roots



Our goods are 100% American-made, which includes sourcing ALL materials and EVERY step of production. Details and materials come from every corner of the continental United States to create the American Roots product sewn here in Westbrook, Maine. Keeping our partnerships within the U.S. enables us to keep quality standards high, minimize our environmental impact, and contribute to local economies across the country.


The Fleece Product: Geographical Roots


Polartec Fleece: Why We Choose Polartec

Polartec fleece is the best fleece on the market, utilizing top of the line developed over years to create the lightest, warmest, most water-resistant fleece there is. 

Beyond being extremely high-performance and American-made, Polartec has been committed to sustainable product.  They have been using post-consumer plastic to upcycle into fleece since 1993.  They make a strong commitment to sustainable solutions to keep creating fleece as the state of the world and industry continue to develop.