Our Mission

Work. It provides food, shelter, and the clothes on your back. It gives worth to your day and meaning to your life. At American Roots, we know the true value of work, and believe that America is strongest only when everyone works for a good living.

American Roots’ mission is to create jobs that are more meaningful, fair, and good-paying. Through our example we will help rebuild American manufacturing and its economy in a more just and sustainable way.


How We Do It

By providing high-quality, durable clothing made from 100% American-sourced materials by Union labor in America, we are proving that success does not have to come at the expense of workers or the quality of the products they make.

Who We Are

As diverse as America itself, we are made up of new immigrants and the children of the old. We are people who lean to the left and those who lean right. We are not defined by the color of our skin or the people we love. We are driven by our mission, connected by the work we do and our belief that quality, honesty, and fairness are the keys to our success — and America’s.

We are American Roots.