Our Mission

The American Roots mission is to create good jobs in the United States, deliver a quality product, have a commitment to our community, our workers and our country, and to support a better, more sustainable way of life. 
American-Made  Enhancing Our Community  Commitment to Quality  Sustainability 
American-Made: What This Means to Us

We choose to produce American-made.  We build this value into every step of our business: from fiber growing to fabric production to sewing to customer service. We want to bring industry back to Maine, including all of the things that come with it, like good union jobs, local economic growth, production, and more.

We want to do our part to support industry in America, and alongside that, we take the time to make sure our product does the most good for all Americans. 


Enhancing Our Community: Creating Jobs

The original purpose of American Roots at its earliest conception was to create local jobs in Maine. We knew we wanted to create something, some way of giving back to our community, being able to offer not only employment, but fair, honest, and just employment. 

Today, we are proud to say we employ an ever-growing number of people in our factory in Westbrook, Maine, and our original goal is always in the process of being furthered and achieved. 


Commitment to Quality: Our Standards

Our products have been specifically designed to hardiness and ultimate comfort. They are fit for a workday, a vacation and anything in between, and they are there to support you with intuitively designed details, like the cell phone pocket, and comfortable performance fabrics. They go through multiple levels of inspections to ensure the highest quality of product and garments. 


Sustainability: Our Efforts and Partners

American Roots has a commitment to creating sustainable products that utilize partnerships and sourcing to create a sustainable product line. Creating opportunity with our products for a more environmentally sustainable way of life is very important to us, and we are always on the lookout for the next step to further American Roots in our effort of sustainability.