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What it's all about

Made from 100% recycled Polartec fleece, this scarf utilizes the 200 series technology for superior warmth, moisture repellent, and durability. Perfect for your chilliest days of the year, this scarf is as high-tech as it is cozy. Traditional blanket stitching in wool yarn edges this piece. Made from the highest quality fleece on the market, it begs to be customized with a logo or graphic.

With all the benefits of fleece, this is a product you can feel good about, as it was constructed ethically with our in-house union labor production team, source 100% in America, and is made from upcycled bottles.

"Wrap it up!"


 5 recycled bottles made this scarf  


Detail Features

  • Polartec 200wt fleece
  • 100% polyester recycled fabric, 4.1 oz/sq yard
  • Edge-stitched in 100% worsted wool yarn 
  • Rounded corners
  • AR logo label
  • Available in custom color upon request!

100% American-made. 100% American materials. 100% Union-made.



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